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Rainwater from the salon roof is caught to wash towels and because this water is naturally softer than tap water, towels are soft and fluffy.

Natural light, by the use of skylights, as well as energy efficient lighting, is used throughout the salon. Flow through ventilation is controlled by using bi-fold doors and by opening the skylights, to reduce the use of air conditioning.

The materials used in “The Salon” are selected because they produce the best results while remaining environmentally friendly.

At The Salon, we only support the very best products which we believe represent quality and luxury.

Our Partners include MoroccanOil, Play Haircare Australia, EcoKid Organics for Kids and LK Creme Hair Colour.


MOROCCANOIL has created a revolutionary line of styling, finishing and conditioning products for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair will look and feel healthier after just one application.


Play offers you the power to create the style you want, and at the same time contains protective properties to help nurture and strengthen the hair. Play haircare products are proudly Australian owned and made. Play products are available exclusively from The Salon



 IdHAIR HAIR PAINT is a professional colouring system, which has been developed and designed for modern colouring on all hair types. The colour range has been developed over long periods in cooperation with hair salons, ensuring that the product is innovative and on trend.
  • Gentle colour, which is also suitable for fine hair
  • Specifically developed for all hair types
  • Soft shades offering excellent coverage
  • Highly Concentrated and cost-efficient formula
  • Lightens up to four shades, depending on the hair’s condition and the development time
  • Long-Lasting colour, glossy finish and leaves hair perfectly conditioned
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Low ammonia content-minimizes scalp irritation
  • Semi-permanent and permanent colour in one product


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HAIR PAINT FREE is a professional colouring system that is AMMONIA FREE. It always delivers 100% performance: perfect grey coverage, with clean and even high-lifting and toning capability.

No Ammonia, no PPD and no resorcinol means that a change to HAIR PAINT FREE is a chance for your clients to get the colour they love without all of the nasty chemicals usually associated with professional colour services.



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A collection of beautiful and intense colour treatments that can be used to refresh your current hair colour. And when you use the colour treatments, you will also pamper your hair with a treatment that contains keratin and makes your hair silky and shiny.

There are different ways to use a colour bomb, they can be used as a refresh in salon, a semi-permanent, a take home colour treatment matched to your salon colour made professionally by your hairdresser or even used as a way to try out new fashion bright colours without the permanent result.

Next time your in salon, ask your hairdresser on your options using this wonderful new innovative product range.



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Our new Keraplant range we now have in store is a specific range of products for people who have hair scalp issues such as :

  •  Red and sensitive skin
  •  Oily Scalps
  •  Anti- Hair loss
  •  Anti- Dandruff
  • Repairing of the Hair Shaft

The range has :

  • 0% Parabens
  • 0% Silicones
  • 0% Sulphates
  • 0% Mineral Oils
  • 0% Colourants

Active ingredients of natural origin. Delicate surfactants of plant origin and 100% natural fragrances.


Fabuloso Conditions, revives, adds shine, intensifies colour and tones colour. Fabuloso colour enhancing conditioners provide an instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment. It also keeps your colour fresh and your hair healthy – It is available in 6 Different shades and is ideal to use between salon visits to revive and brighten coloured hair in only 3 minutes. Ask your stylist for more information and how it can benefit your hair.



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The chemicals within the IdHAIR products are very gentle, but as you know it doesn’t matter how gentle they are. A chemical process is still a chemical process. Chemicals can leave the hairs cuticle open and dry, resulting in damage and breakage

Those days are now over! By combining ground breaking Niophlex with traditional colour and bleaching treatments, damage to the hair is prevented before it’s even started. Niophlex has the ability to maintain and create new bonds inside the hairs structure, imparting elasticity and strength enhancing qualities throughout the colouring process.  Next time your in salon, ask your hairdresser what this can mean for your hair and your service. Very affordable pricing to maintain the health and also the colour you want.